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 Company Overview

Siam Medicare Co., Ltd. is a growing and expanding healthcare company focusing on the development, production, marketing and distribution of a wide spectrum of healthcare products. Our current product portfolio includes pharmaceutical formulations, diagnostic kits, and medical equipment.

Siam Medicare, formerly known as Forty Two Laboratories Co., Ltd., was established in 1971 by a group of leading Thai doctors and pharmacologists who share the same passion in making the world a healthier place to live in. Initially, the Company started out as local pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor.

Over the years of being predominant in the Thai market, Siam Medicare has gained the reputation of one of the most reliable local manufacturers and suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry in Thailand. The Company's products are distributed and sold nationwide to many large private and public hospitals as well as small individual drugstores.

Today, Siam Medicare is embarking on an ambitious journey of becoming a total healthcare solution provider. In order to achieve this challenging goal, the Company is constantly expanding its range of products by introducing new and improved formulations as well as adding new healthcare products such as medical equipment, traditional medicine, and food supplement in its product portfolio.


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