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Nasaline Nasal

Nasaline® Nasal Irrigator For Adults

Nasaline® consists of a 2oz. syringe and a silicone tip. Simply fill the Nasaline syringe with saline solution and experience drug-free relief from everyday nasal and sinus ailments. The Nasaline® product is entirely latex free

Nasaline Junior

Nasaline® Junior Irrigating

(For children under 12)

Now kids can experience relief with Nasaline Junior, a nasal irrigating specifically designed for children under 12, delivering just the right dosage for smaller noses!

Nasaline® Salt

Highly Purified Sodium Chloride specifically made for use in mixing saline solution

Nasaline® Salt is 99.99% purified sodium chloride specifically manufactured for use in mixing saline solution. Nasaline® Salt contains no additives or preservatives and is completely safe to use when irrigating the nasal cavities. We recommend using Nasaline Salt to prevent possible allergic reactions that one might develop from the iodine in store bought iodized salt or from the algae sometimes found in sea salts.

Nasaline Salt

Nasaline® Salt, 16 oz Jar

Plastic jar for dispensing and storage, contains 8 oz., which is good for about 120 nasal rinses depending on level of usage. An economic alternative!


Nasaline® Salt pre measured packets (50)

Make treatments easier and more portable with handy pre­measured saline packets. Each packet contains one-half teaspoon of Nasaline Salt, which mixed with 1 cup of warm water makes an isotonic saline solution. A convenient alternative!

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