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NASALINE the Nasal Irrigator
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Nasaline, อุปกรณ์ ล้างจมูก

Patented Nasal Irrigation Device
Developed By Physicians

Why Use Nasaline®?

Nasaline® is a unique, patented, drug-free nasal irrigation system designed by a team of Swedish ear, nose, and throat specialists. With the simple use of saline solution, Nasaline® effectively washes away unwanted mucous, crusty secretions or allergens and provides relief from symptoms associated with allergies, colds, or the flu. After a prolonged stay in dry, dusty, or smoky environments, Nasaline® cleans and soothes the nasal passages, reducing nasal irritation and moistening the mucous membranes.

Nasaline® is also prescribed for the following:

Prevention of sinus related infections.
Drug-free relief from pregnancy congestion.
Follow up treatment to sinus or nose surgery.
Relief from symptoms associated with nose polyps or after the
   excessive use of cold medicines such as nose sprays and drops.


What makes Nasaline® Unique?

Nasaline® is a patented system that consists of a 2 oz. syringe and a silicone tip. The silicone tip was designed to fit most noses in such a way as to completely seal the nostril opening. The channel inside the tip is formed in the shape of an hourglass, producing a gentle swirl stream when the saline solution enters the nose. The silicone tip does not contain latex and is safe for direct contact with the skin.

Nasaline® has many advantages:

Easy to use
Gentle and comfortable
User controls the flow
Easy to clean
Can be used repeatedly as necessary
Practical and durable

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