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Integrated electrosurgical generator and smoke evacuation system in a single compact unit for operating areas with limited space

Controlled Output Circuitry maintains ideal cutting voltage for uncompromised histopathology
Automatically activating three-stage filtration system for efficient particle capture and odor control
Meet ANSI/AAMI HF-18 standards for patient lead isolation and system safety

The Finesse® and Finesse® II electrosurgical generator and smoke evacuation systems have been designed to meet the highest performance and safety standards required for loop electrosurgery procedures. The Finesse® system is ideally suited to perform your office based excision procedures, bringing versatility to your multi-specialty practice. Finesse® II has preset levels which have been selected for optimal performance of Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone (the LETZ® procedure). The preset output levels provide added convenience while maintaining superior cutting performance.


Integrated Smoke Evacuation
The Finesse® and Finesse® II systems utilize a patented design that integrates the electrosurgical generator and smoke evacuation system into a single compact unit. This results in an optimal design for operating areas with limited space, especially offices. It also allows simultaneous "single switch" activation of both modules by either the handswitch control pen or footswitch.


Controlled Output Circuitry
Both systems incorporate Controlled Output Circuitry to produce the best histological tissue specimen for the pathologist. Controlled Output Circuitry maintains the output voltage within the ideal cutting range to produce a specimen with minimal thermal damage at the margins. It also allows the generator to be set at a preferred 'cut' power output setting, but continuously adjusts itself to meet the minimum needs for optimal cutting. This eliminates any need to adjust the output setting when changing loop sizes.


3-Stage Particle Filtration
The Finesse® and Finesse® II utilize a three-stage filtration system to evacuate and filter the smoke plume produced during electrosurgery. The filtration system includes an activated charcoal filter which absorbs odorous gases, and HEPA and ULPA filters which remove solid particles and aerosols. The three filters provide a minimum efficiency of 99.999% for particles at 0.1 microns.


Each system meets ANSI/AAMI HF-18 standards for patient lead isolation. This provides protection for both patient and clinician by reducing the possibility of creating an alternate current path that could result in shock or burn. In addition, the systems will sound an alarm and automatically shut off should an interruption occur in the connection to the dispersive pad.




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