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NON-CONDUCTIVE COATING - Reusable instruments have a special, extremely durable coating designed to insulate against transmission of electrical current

SMOKE EVACUATION PORT - All specula allow for complete removal of the smoke plume from the operating field
CLEANING/STERILIZATION - All coated instruments can be processed using standard cold soak or autoclave procedures
As part of our commitment to providing physicians with a complete line of products for the LETZ® procedure, We offer a full range of coated instruments that have been especially selected to provide the patient and the physician with the highest level of performance and protection.



Our line of Four-Way Vaginal Expanders provides a new approach to the visualization of the cervix during examinations, colposcopy, and LETZ® procedures. The Expanders feature two laterally opening blades, which solidly retain collapsing vaginal walls, ensuring clear access to the cervix for Pap Smears.

Eliminates the need to use both a speculum and lateral retractor.
Available in plastic resin, uncoated stainless steel, and LETZ® - coated stainless steel configurations -- all of which are autoclavable.
Side blades activated on demand for enhanced cervical view and access.
Narrow blades improve patient comfort during insertion.
An optional instrument holder and line of custom instruments are available for hands-free physician assistance.





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