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Thermal tissue injury is minimized, allowing excellent healing results

Focused geometry provides an effortless, smooth cut and precise incisional control
Cut quickly and smoothly without countertraction
Exceptional performance at lower power settings

The patented Epitome® scalpel electrode uses a fine wire element at the edge of a non-conductive ceramic core to focus the current at the edge of the blade, resulting in clean tissue dissection with minimal thermal injury.

In fact, comparative wound healing analysis of porcine skin incisions shows an Epitome® incision (1) producing significantly reduced thermal injury as compared to a standard electrosurgical tip incision (2), and markedly improved wound healing (3) as compared to the standard tip (4).

Epitome® Provides:

Quick and precise cutting through dense breast tissue when performing reduction mammaplasty and mastectomy
Quickly elevates abdominal flap and reduces or eliminates seroma in abdominoplasty
Reduces thermal tissue injury, yet easily dissects fatty tissue without increasing power settings
Minimizes necrotic zone to help reduce circulation complications in skin flaps
Short tip of the "bendable" version promotes precise tonsil excision with minimized risk for peripheral tissue burn
The bendable shaft allows for easy access to IMA with quick, clean performance and minimal thermal injury
ZapGuardTM is available on select Epitome® scalpels to reduce potential for electrical shocks and burns.

Ideal Design Minimizes Thermal Injury

In addition to its heat-resistance, Epitome's ceramic blade is also electrically non-conductive. Thus the depth of thermal injury from the sides of the blade is limited. In addition, this important feature of Epitome® ensures electrical energy will not pass through the blade to any tissue which might inadvertently come in contact with the blade. As a result, less electrical power is required to perform a desired cut, thermal damage in the wound is minimized and patient recovery times may be improved. This condition can only be matched with a cold (non-ES) scalpel, harmonic scalpel, or carefully controlled laser, but not with any other ES (Bovie) blade. However, these other non-Bovie tools cannot control hemostasis. With Epitome®, hemostasis is controlled through the selection of loop wire diameter and/or by the mode setting on your ES generator.

The OptiMicroTM Needle ultra-fine tip electrosurgical electrodes are designed to provide precise dissection without adverse thermal effects to yield excellent cosmetic results for small-scale procedures. These micro-needles have the finest geometry available. Because of their extremely small surface area, high current densities are achieved with very low power settings.

OptiMicroTM Clinical Benefits:

Thermal tissue injury is virtually eliminated, allowing excellent healing results
Output power settings are very low, minimizing nerve and muscle cell stimulation and stray electrosurgical currents
Tungsten electrode withstands high current densities, and maintains sharpness throughout procedure
Substantially reduces smoke plume and odor compared to standard blade geometry tips





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