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We offer a complete line of high quality accessories for the Finesse® and Finesse® II Electrosurgical Generator Systems.

Disposable Electrosurgical Pens
High quality, disposable electrosurgery pens are for use with loop and ball electrodes, and electrosurgical scalpels. Each pen comes with a 10' cord. Packed sterile and disposable.

Dispersive Pads
Our high quality dispersive pads have a 3" x 6" active area to provide safe dispersal of the electrosurgical current. The pads have 9.5' cords which allow the system to be placed away from the patient. All dispersive pads are disposable. Adapters for other manufacturers' generators are available for use with our dispersive pads

The Filter Pack II for the Finesse® and Finesse® II systems incorporates an activated charcoal filter, a HEPA filter, a 9 foot filter tube, and a speculum tubing with adapter. Each filter pack can be used up to 15 times. The speculum tubing with adapter is a single use item which connects onto the speculum's smoke evacuation port. The internal filter should be replaced in the Finesse® and Finesse® II systems on a yearly basis.

Our two-pedal footswitch is for use with Finesse® and Finesse® II systems. It allows activation of the generator in either the cut or coagulation mode, as well as, simultaneous activation of the smoke evacuation system. The footswitches come with a 10' cord.

In the event that your electrosurgical generator requires a new fuse, we offer the following fuses: 3 Amp (Vacuum), 6.25 Amp (115V main), 4 Amp (230V main).

Smoke Evacuator Conversion Kits
The Smoke Filtration Conversion Systems are systems of components for use with other brands of smoke evacuators. They can reduce operational costs, yet still offer these features:
3-stage filtration design consists of activated charcoal, plus two high performance filter elements, providing 99.999% particle filtration efficiency.
Large filter surface area allows high air-flow while ensuring long-term particle entrapment. Achieves quick, complete removal of the surgical plume.
System components fit directly into smoke filtration unit for immediate use - no adaptation required.




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